Scene does not show up

Merry Christmas Guys,

Following is the case:
I created a whole world in Blender, imported it to jmonkey and edited a bit in SceneComposer.
I can see everything is fine in SceneComposer, Physics Collission is working fine however I don’t see anything from that particular Spatial. The Character is there, I also partly see some black objects.

I have an Ambient Light and everything, somehow it just does not load the Materials (aren’t they in the .j3o?)
If I use .setMaterial() and then the unshaded blue one, I see the World

Any clue?

you need at least a directional light or a point light so that lighting works. In the scene composer you have a directional light cming from the camera, but it’s just fof convenience and this light is not saved with your scene.

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@nehon: Thanks, it works now =) I just wonder why the other scene did load without any problem (It only has an Ambient Light and everything shows up fine, whereas here I have problems with over-lighting or too much shadows atm.

I don’t know… because ambient light alone does nothing without at least one real light. In the shaders, ambient is only added with the first real light.