SDK 3.6.1-sdk4 released

SDK 3.6.1-sdk4 released! Get it here: Release SDK Release 3.6.1-sdk4 · jMonkeyEngine/sdk · GitHub

Some highlights:

We cleared out some space by getting rid of the old Blender (v.2.79) copy, resulting in smaller downloadable. This also means that the SDK is not supporting FBX nor Ogre model imports anymore. We feel that GLTF format replaces these completely and they are just not worth of having really old Blender around. Maybe in the future we can look to AssImp (or MonkeyWrench) to provide support for other asset formats.

AssetBrowser now makes a debut in an official release. Check it out:

Netbeans 20 and updated Gradle game template provides support for Java 21. Note that this requires manually taking it into use as the SDK is still shipped with only Java 17. But all possible for those wanting to try it, the SDK wont slow you down!

Speaking of the updated Gradle game template… it now works out of the box on MacOS with LWJGL 3!


Good work.

Just for curiosity: Why do you still build a x86 version for Windows? Is there anybody that uses still 32 Bit Windows versions?

For the sake of humanity I hope there is no one :smiley: I asked myself the same question on every release. Doing it doesn’t really require that much from us so I guess that is why it has stayed. I think it would be safe to drop in the future. Good point.

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Hello everyone,
I have downloaded the new portable version of the SDK. Great job guys! Thanks for your efforts to improve the editor. I am doing some usability tests. Many bugs have been fixed, but there are still some glitches.

When opening j3md files, the following error message appears:

smoothing groups are not supported, statement ignored: s

Here are some suggestions for the Materials editor:
I would like to use this configuration with the windows side by side, to see the effects of changes immediately, but the parameters in the Materials editor are always clipped.
See the red notes.

The configuration options of the j3md file are never fully visible, either by detaching the panel from the editor (see Figure B1) or by viewing the file individually (see Figure B2). For this reason, I still think it would be better to put the ‘AdditionalRenderState’ tab back where it originally was (along with the Textures & Colors tab) to optimize space. The editor should also be easy to use on medium sized monitors, not just 27".


This I think comes from the teapot, it is a OBJ model from jME. OBJ model import does that. Maybe we need to use our own version.