SDK installing error

Hey, so I decided to download the jmonkey engine but when I opened the installer it threw me an error:

any tech specs:
an m1 Mac (the normal 2020 ones)
an m1 version of java
and OpenGL 4.1

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Hey @Ilfeni :slight_smile:

Sorry you ran into this problem, Iā€™m not a mac person but I have been seeing people have various m1 issues in my limited time here.

There is this Mac OSX and 3.3 SDK install error thread with a similar problem and not sure if there was a solution or not. @SyntheticPrime did post some more stuff so I assume he got up and running somehow

I would try installing a different version of java (11?) first I guess and report back!

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I guess you are using a newer Java version. Iirc Pack200 was removed in Java 14. Better to try Java 11 as suggested.

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You need to use the maven or gradle builds.

Go to


Select what options you want to use.

Works great now on my M1 MBP 14"

Bullet doesnā€™t work you need minie