SDK Netbeans question

Not sure if this is the location to ask this question. Inside the JME SDK netbeans app.

I’m not sure how to define the following projects to compile.
I have Module A (base module)
I have Module B (add on module)

Module B needs to reference Module A to compile.

Module A needs Module B to run. This other modules are expansion modules to the game. I have Module B, C as of now.

The game requires these add on modules to be in a class path when it is in a jar file.
When under Eclipse, you can click on Modules that are required to compile, then you can select modules (projects in eclipse) which are required to run.

I can’t figure out how to set this up under NetBeans, because when I said Module B needs Module A to compile.
I can’t go into Module A project properties and under libraries and then under the “Run” tab to tell it Module B is require, it errors out with cyclic error.

So how do I tell it Module B needs Module A to compile, but Module A needs Module B, C and … to run.

The game when it starts tries and search for all the different modules by class reference and loads them into memory.


I guess it all starts with what build system you are planning to use? Ant, Maven, Gradle or something else?


I created the project through the netbeans selecting ANT project.

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