SDK Release 3.6-beta3-sdk1 (pre-release)

UPDATE : Sadly, a critical error has been detected in this version, so please refrain from downloading until a new version is available.

The SDK team is happy to bring you this pre-release of the jMonkeyEngine 3.6 SDK.

Some major features are:

  • jMonkeyEengine 3.6 (beta3)
  • Netbeans 17
  • JDK 17
  • Gradle projects assets fixed(!)

This release’s primary objective is to gather feedback before 3.6-stable is released and make that transition easier.

JDK 17 means older Gradle projects need to be upgraded to at least 7.3

Enjoy, and please file issues if you find them:


Gj, congrats!

This is maybe stating the obvious but might be helpful. If you for some reason want to continue using Java 11 with the SDK. You need to have Java 11 JDK installed manually and configured as a Java version in the SDK. You might need it to also ease up transition from older Gradle releases to newer ones. This is to enable use to gradlew wrapper run to upgrade.