Searching advices in 2.5d with jme

Hi all,

I want some advices in 2.5D isometric game realization. What i want? I want create game like -> Wakfu (just for example) There a lof of games that using some part of 2D/3D.

As I understand, the elements, like trees, house is static (like just image tile) but characters is fully 3d. You can change some items, and you will see the changes.

So how better create tile map, but using 3d character like in wakfu? (As i undertand to make it like just image frames, there will need a lof of frames, not only for characters, also for all items)

Maybe some jme guru may help him with advice how should i create tile map and character, maybe jme is not much choice(truly i like it, it’s very nice, respect to all people who doing jme). Well i just bit confused from what to start.  XD (i hope i created in right forum my topic  ) And sorry for baddy english  8)