(September 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

I tested simmilar design out in KSP (although note that I don’t have the realistic flying mod installed) and added some RCS including vernier thrusters to keep it more stable.

The rcs kind of helps, but it’s still very hard to control.

So if it’s meant for space I tested out a space shuttle engine version too, and almost wrecked myself taking off :stuck_out_tongue:

Aaaand out of fuel.

More fuel in drop tanks.

Ended up as you’d expect.


Yes, similar in that it has no vertical stabilizers.

No, not similar in that the center of lift is actually close to the center of gravity. So it depends on which point we are discussing. :slight_smile:

In the dart ship, it looks like the center of lift might even be behind the thrust. But if it’s flying like a dart, that would be ok. The wings are only there to drag the back end around in that case and all lift is provided by pure thrust, basically.

Strictly speaking, it looks like an atmospheric-capable ship just because it has intakes… but it will fly like a dart.

My bet is on “this looks cool” as the reason for everything. :slight_smile:

Well of course, we wouldn’t get away with anything otherwise anyway :smile:

Okay let’s try this again

The thing is that the fuselage also provides a fair bit of lift in my case.

Touche :stuck_out_tongue:


Install FAR mod and try again :chimpanzee_tongue: as KSP original aerodynamic model is quite simplified, almost to non-existence.

Nah I’m too lazy for that, but they redid all the aerodynamics sometime after 1.0 so they aren’t as bad as they used to be. Still slightly arcady though.

My river control with decent physics. I corrected the buoyancy and angular motion so the cube doesn’t go flying into the air if it catches on a surface.




Nice dude! You made that on your own? Is it available somewhere?

Yeah it’s mostly artistic license. I didn’t really go into modeling it with a plan, I opened Blender and after staring at the default cube for a few minutes I deleted it, added a cylinder and started pushing around vertices with no real end goal in mind.

The model can be downloaded in blend format from my site http://1337atr.weebly.com/models.html

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…and ended up with 160k !!! triangles for a few m² gras ^^

The low res model pictured is only 686 triangles. The normals were baked down from a high res model that was a few hundred thousand triangles. The AO was also baked from high res, the paint job was done in GIMP.

I have released early trailer/development progress of my game :wink:

PS. As I said before, I am still looking for people to collaborate with, create together…


what started out as: not being happy with the current grass solutions… is turning into something quite interesting:


The ground texture looks a bit weird, but this grass is really sweet! Is it static or does it move in a sweet little breeze :stuck_out_tongue:

Just because I’m curious, what is it about the IsoSurfaceDemo’s approach to grass that you wish to rectify with your approach?

Yeah and what is actually your approach @thetoucher ? Almost looks like you have grass blades…

@SimonBedard the ground texture is ass, really low res, it’s not really important at this stage. the blades do sway in the breeze.

@pspeed TBH I didn’t look into IsoSurface’s grass, I’m sorry I meant no offence to other grass solutions, it was more a reflection on my own knowledge of grass techniques. Anything I’ve used in the past wont work, I don’t think anything billboard related will meet my unrealistic set of goals.

@nehon - geometry shader, there is a mesh of points that cover the ground where the grass is, the geometry shader adds a ‘clump’ of around 8 random individual blades at each point on the mesh.

There is zero optimisations atm, as a result, each of the around 400k individual 3d blades in the scene above is unique :open_mouth: … cool but not ideal.


(:ghost:) I’m a ghost (:ghost:)

Dat grass ! 420 ! Would blaze it !

More seriously, I’m really interested to know what’s your plan on this matter and how far you want to go ?

There is a solution to grass right now with the almighty @pspeed IsoSurface solution but it is not really integrated with TerraMonkey (If I’m not mistaken?)

You can take a look at my attempt to make a plugin integrated with TerraMonkey :warning: [here] (https://hub.jmonkeyengine.org/t/how-to-grass-reborn-the-forest) and there :warning:

It’s not impossible to do as my grass just plots on whatever mesh you want. I will never integrate it myself because I don’t like how JME terrain works. There are a handful of critical early decisions that I’d have picked the opposite approach and ran far in that direction. Not wrong in a general sense by definitely wrong to my own sensibilities. :slight_smile: (starting right with the 2x2 loaded grid…)

But anyway, the raw part of the code should be possible to extract and point to any mesh. The grass plotter just looks for up-facing triangles and checks the density of a noise function before plotting a grass “tuft” triangle.

Only thing I can show this week.