(September 2017) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

It’s good idea, but bad result. When the cam are rotating around the car, shadow come to the part of car where cam is looking.
Edit: I personally like it without shadows now.
WIP Screenshot


Some time ago I started creation process of default models for SSE (SpaceShiftEditor). Hopefully it will end up with starter assets of beach with tropical flora and fauna (or it will end up with nothing who knows :slight_smile: ).

For now we have downloadable palm tree. This tree is originally designed to have randomized trunk shape and in plans we want to create interaction like Crysis have (with bones/empties as determinator of leaf and bole bending) but we should figure out how to create dynamics for trees with taking in account final scene optimization, so the model in archive is only a mesh, without bones.
Download here
Progress here


Here’s a little peek at what I’m working on in my spare time. It’s a visual scripting system for jMonkeyEngine.

It’s really two things.
The scripting system I created probably 6 years ago for Hostile Sector. Since I am a programmer, I did it way more complex than I needed at the time. Just in case, you know, for all the other games I was going to make. I always had in mind an editor for it, but for HS, I simply plumbed everything together in a Mission class. This worked very well at that time.
Recently, I cleaned it up a bit for a new project I’ve been toying with. It will need more complex scripting, and I thought it would be a good time to make that editor.
I wanted the editor to reside in the SDK. I’ve tried to follow the outlines of the SceneComposer and learn the Netbeans API at the same time.
What is working:
Placing components from a hard coded menu.
Connect components.
Load and save script using BinaryImporter/Exporter (outside of the editor).

What’s left until it’s usable:
Load and save script inside the editor.
Hook up the script to the scenegraph at runtime.

Extended goal:
Hook up to SceneComposer for real time scripting / testing.

I may make everything open source at some point, but it will be a while. I still anticipate some heavy refactoring of the editor as I learn more about development there. But I do intend to release it as a plugin for other to use as soon as I can. Let me know if you’re interested in alpha testing it.

I call it “Macaq” in monkey fashion. I know it’s not spelled like that in English, but I think it looks more elegant.


Hmmm…yes not what I was expecting, it’s like mspaint spray tool

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Did you do a shadow renderer/filter or a SSAO filter for this?

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That did SSAO filter only. For my shadow problems look there: Rendering shadows on the edges

you can look at how to configure the shadows filter in SS Editor :wink:


Most of the items in Skullstone have to be found during exploration. However, there are exceptions: crafting in the town or magic altars in the dungeons. Using the altars, you can sacrifice an item to get a better one.


Oh wow, how does the burning to nothing effect work? Setting it to be transparent and adjust the alpha/discard by noise and time?

It is called ‘dissolve’ or something like that. I did it long time ago on my own, let’s say that I’ve re-invented the wheel :wink:


I saw a shader like this in ShaderBlow library :slight_smile:

I just finished touching up a lightweight physics system for enemies that spawn in hoards, and now I’ve been working on trying to make the HUD overlay look better.

I also haven’t decided how I want the player’s character to move; I’m not sure if I should lock the camera’s direction so it’s always facing the same direction as the player’s model, or if I should let the camera rotate around freely the way it does in the gif


Hello community,
now grass is generated for the areas of the terrain which are painted with a grass texture.

Not really spectacular, but still I hope you like it!

Best regards,
Domenic :slight_smile:


Why dont you use same texture for the ground as car pedestal?

I just opened some old example of shadows :slight_smile:

@nehon Could you explain me please, how to work with varyings in shader nodes in the SDK? I want to reproduce the example:

in SDK:

I fixed working it in my editor, but I’m not sure that is correct…


Please make a separate thread, this hardly fits the screenshot thread.


Not exactly JME, but I’ve built a small widget that shows a wireframe of the earth and when tapped a dot for where you are.
The earth also rotates.


Cursed & corrupted & undead warrior.
I wonder if the glowing sword is a good idea. Any hint?


Looks great, although the sword is bright enough that it looks a little bit like it’s made out of plastic to me.