(September 2017) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

I’ve been having WAY too much fun with Maud, my animation editior.

I just uploaded a 15-minute demo video, in which I teach a guy to drink and dance (animation retargeting). I also cause Sinbad to taunt you like a monkey.

I still need alpha testers for Maud. I’ll upload a new release today or tomorrow and would welcome any constructive feedback on it. Watch for the forum announcement, then “take 'er for a spin”!

Edit: The new release is now available from GitHub: Release 2nd release for alpha testing (ALPHA+2) · stephengold/Maud · GitHub


@sgold Neat I’ll test it out when you do, though I only got gun turrets to try it out on.

Made another model:

Comparing it to reference images it looks like the hull is a bit too long. Guess the chinese guy designing the model eyeballed the length hah. Or based it on that unique 30m extended Seawolf.


It doesn’t look rendered by jME, what engine is that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Some call it Outside. It’s been in development for the last 14 billion years or so, which is just about the right amount of time to get such a good physics engine it has working mostly without bugs.

Not to mention the superb rendering VR PBR pipeline, which is optimized enough to draw even the most complex scenes at a few thousand fps on literally any hardware. :smile:

It’s essentially a fully voxel-based engine that doesn’t even use meshes but renders the voxels directly to pixels - which is enabled by having very small individual voxels. The chunking is unusually large however, which may lead to some bottlenecks when doing large open worlds.

While there are a few mesh-to-voxel plugins in beta development by the community, they still aren’t quite there yet. I’ll rather wait for a full release.

The core development team isn’t really working on the engine anymore though, so it’s pretty much closed source abandonware. :stuck_out_tongue:

P. S. If you’re gonna do anything with quickly rotating stuff, note that there’s an animation bug that still hasn’t been fixed.


Awesome :joy:

August was way too busy so I got delayed working on my asteroid stuff. Plus I had to attack the problem in a number of different ways which finally resulted in a nice pleasing distribution of vertices using Catmull Rom Interpolation.

Here it is before randomization:

And here it is after randomization of the control points:

So while the above looks pretty darned good but sometimes the randomization of the points results in… well… fins and spikes.

I plan on working on some constraints on the randomization to handle this. Tomorrow I hope to stitch this point cloud together so it’s a little more solid.


Started to work on a new plugin for SS Editor with Shader Nodes Editor :slight_smile:
Have decided how the layout will look like of this editor:


Continue working on shader node editor :slight_smile:



That is really neat @javasabr what library are you using for the visual node connections? The the GUI bendy lines that connect the boxes?

it’s pure JavaFX :slight_smile:


Made some progress with my multiplayer space shooter, I added a clock, score and the current active weapon on my HUD. The radar (those coloured triangles) I like best as it is a great help in battle :slight_smile:

We were too lazy to give us proper names, so we all are Zed :wink:


After 3 weeks of learning I can draw characters on any angle or pose! This is my first professional-ish attempt at drawing.


So if you got two things that go with each other separate and you glue them together, do you re-pair them?


/me slow claps at that pun.

Seriously though really love the effects you have going on this.

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So after some tinkering (seriously I just went from multiplying a normal by a random float value to just straight up adding it) I got rid of the pointy bits and fins. I also got to stitching the points together nicely.

During this I was having fun trying to calculate normals. Which didn’t go too well initially.

Then after a bunch more work I fixed all that annnnnd tah dah!

Next up is implementing LOD then placing all the asteroids via a noise function etc. I’m putting off procedural texturing for a bit. Want to get more into game play stuff for a bit.


Continue to work on shader nodes editor :slight_smile:


Working on my game is going good. The newest things are:

  • grabbing tool, now you can grab things and replace them (white thing in first picture)
  • rework of car names, now it’s Car1.1, Car2.1 etc.
  • repainted some textures with better colors (I hope it looks better now)
  • and some cleaning in backround files :smiley:

I hope you like new colors :slight_smile:


You should try the SSAOFilter, I feel it would go great with the low poly/solid color asthetic.


It’s good idea, but bad result. When the cam are rotating around the car, shadow come to the part of car where cam is looking.
Edit: I personally like it without shadows now.
WIP Screenshot