(September 2017) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

Most of the items in Skullstone have to be found during exploration. However, there are exceptions: crafting in the town or magic altars in the dungeons. Using the altars, you can sacrifice an item to get a better one.


Oh wow, how does the burning to nothing effect work? Setting it to be transparent and adjust the alpha/discard by noise and time?

It is called ‘dissolve’ or something like that. I did it long time ago on my own, let’s say that I’ve re-invented the wheel :wink:


I saw a shader like this in ShaderBlow library :slight_smile:

I just finished touching up a lightweight physics system for enemies that spawn in hoards, and now I’ve been working on trying to make the HUD overlay look better.

I also haven’t decided how I want the player’s character to move; I’m not sure if I should lock the camera’s direction so it’s always facing the same direction as the player’s model, or if I should let the camera rotate around freely the way it does in the gif


Hello community,
now grass is generated for the areas of the terrain which are painted with a grass texture.

Not really spectacular, but still I hope you like it!

Best regards,
Domenic :slight_smile:


Why dont you use same texture for the ground as car pedestal?

I just opened some old example of shadows :slight_smile:

@nehon Could you explain me please, how to work with varyings in shader nodes in the SDK? I want to reproduce the example:

in SDK:

I fixed working it in my editor, but I’m not sure that is correct…


Please make a separate thread, this hardly fits the screenshot thread.


Not exactly JME, but I’ve built a small widget that shows a wireframe of the earth and when tapped a dot for where you are.
The earth also rotates.


Cursed & corrupted & undead warrior.
I wonder if the glowing sword is a good idea. Any hint?


Looks great, although the sword is bright enough that it looks a little bit like it’s made out of plastic to me.

Yes, it sux a little :wink:

What about this one?


Much better. I think you can boost the glow a bit. Then add some flames coming out of the head. And a flaming motorcycle would fit quite well. And nicolas cage. Wait.


That looks much better. I agree with @MoffKalast that the glow could be ever so slightly brighter, especially around the lettering on the blade, but it already looks 50x better to me.

Stronger glow is just too strong, I’ll probably stay with this one + some small glow over runes.

That’s what I was going to suggest… so you are already ahead of me. :slight_smile:

Makes sense. I’m sure it probably looks even better in the real environment anyway… it’s hard to do justice to something like that with a screenshot.

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