setDepthWrite(false) on bitmap text is killing glow effect on all models

I have strange problem. I’m using BitmapText to display text over head of the models and if I do the following


glow effects stop to work in entire application (even on completely unrelated geometries).

When trying to find the problem, I have noticed that all BitmapText instances are sharing single material instance. Is it done on purpose? It seems that I would need to clone material manually if I want to change some parameter of it for some text but not for other…

Anyway, even after cloning the material, glow still disappears from entire application if I set setDepthWrite to false on the clone. It looks a bit like something, somewhere is not resetting depth write flag properly ?

I have setDepthWrite on some other geometry (not BitmapText, but my particles) and it is not destroying the glow effect…


maybe it’s related to this issue :

The thing is…glow does not use depth…I’m gonna look into it

This has something to do with order of nodes. If I attach another text node afterwards with depthBufferWrite true, everything works properly. This is probably also a reason why my particles are not causing problems, while you have problems with particles - order of rendering is different, with depthWrite being reset or not.

Is it possible to make a reproducible test case showing this issue?

I believe particles also have depth write disabled, which could cause this