setDisplayStatView method showing the vertexcount

Hello everyone,
in my code i enabled the DisplayStatView so that i can see VertexCount, TriangleCount etc. of my model.
Can somebody explain why the VertexCount displayed by the DisplayStatView is different to the number , when i sum up all the VertexCounts of all meshes of the model?

Thanks :smile:

The stats view is a geometry that adds a few vertices. Might be many other things also depending on filters, processors, LoD et c.

So is the VertexCount of the DisplayStatView the REAL VertexCount or when i sum up all the VertexCounts of all meshes?

The vertex count in the stats view shows the sum of all vertices rendered.

Depending on what features you use (light count, shadows…) your objects need to be rendered a few times.

Beside that, modern gpus can easily render millions of vertices, currently the main bottleneck is either gpu memory bandwidth (mostly texture fetches) or the amount of drawcalls, where the actual limiting factor is the cpu.

Yep. And the object count is way more an indicator than vertex count will ever be… and if vertex count is your bottleneck then the number of extra verts added because of the HUD text will be like 0.00001%. :slight_smile: