Setting a MAX FPS

I have an M17x w/SLI 260M's and am finding that when I run my game, theres a squealing sound coming from the system.  I've tried updating the drivers to the latest and after some more testing it turns out that its not JME thats the problem here but LWGPL (get the some from jPCT, etc). 

Ok so looking at my FPS, I'm getting around ~1.8k for lighter scenes, sometimes as high as 2k+.  Thats wonderful, except that around the 1.2k mark things start sounding nasty :). 

So my question is: Can I set a MAX frame refresh rate to prevent this?  Say something like display.setMaxFps( 60 )?

Currently I use power saving mode to get below the 200 mark where things are just fine and as I get more assets in there I'm sure this will not be a problem, but it would be nice to have the option to cap the fps.

Yeah, the simple game pretty much runs the game loop as fast as it can. It has more to do with how the game loop is setup than the display. There is a version of a game class (FixedFramerateGame in that does exactly what you're describing though, so I'd look at that.

Or you could just use


Thanks guys, I'll look into those solutions tonight - once thats taken care of I'm finally off and running with my map load/save modules.  So nice to have an engine that lets you jump in and start having some fun :slight_smile: .