Setting cam direction


I have a problem setting the direction of the camera. I want to have an overview of my scene, so that the cam is looking from above (bird's-eye view).

cam.setFrame(getStartLocation(), getLeftAxis(), getUpAxis(), getStartDirection());
cam.setDirection(new Vector3f(0,-1,0));

After setting the direction of the cam as shown in the code all things disappear. I only got a black screen.

Where is the problem? The line

cam.setDirection(new Vector3f(1,0,0));

works fine...

Thanks for your ideas  :)

First thanks for your reply.

After using the lookAt()-method I get the wished bird's-eye view.

But now when I am turning the camera to the left, it rotates around the x-axis. But it should rotate around the y-axis like before…

Well,…the question is: how to you turn the camera to the left… plz send always the corresponding post. That makes it much easier for us to help you…

...when I am turning the camera to the left, ...

The problem is that the cam doesn't turn like expected while moving the mouse to the left or right.

I don't know how to explain... I guess by using the lookAt()-method the whole cam (including all the axis) is turned, not only the view, like i want to have.

Using the lookAt method, your camera is still set for a 3D perspective.  This means that turning the camera is going to turn you away from the scene in all axis' except for one of them.  You may be better suited using an orthographic view which creates a straight-on view of the scene.