Several Tiles Display

I am developing a mobile application to display maps, really simple version of google earth, this maps are compound of several tiles which correspond to differents sectors of the map. What is the best way to compound them in a single image on a canvas?. I have thought to display them independetly with diferent anchor points to fit its right possition in the final map but if I want to move on the map I would have to move all of the tiles each time. As another possibility I have thought to create a new larger image from all the tiles, it would be easier to move on the map since I just had to to move one image but what about the penalty of creating the new large image and handle it? Any example of how to compound them?.

Thanks in advance

I think you may be getting the JMonkey Engine (jME) confused with the Java Micro Edition (j2me or JavaME)  :slight_smile:

You’ll probably want to head over to the Sun forums,