ShaderBlowEx "fixes"

I’m experimenting with various filters from ShaderBlowEx and ran into an issue where e.g. BetterToneMap works if added after some other filter (most basically ColorOverlayFilter)
but not alone or after others like FXAA. (it just shows what seems to be the last texture bound before)

After some tinkering I managed to get it work by itself as well,by adding RESOLVE_MS : NumSamples as a j3md define and #import “Common/ShaderLib/MultiSample.glsllib” in the frag file, as well as changing uniform sampler2D m_Texture; to uniform COLORTEXTURE m_Texture;
and texture2D(m_Texture, uv );to getColor(m_Texture, uv);

In BetterGroundFog.frag I only had to replace the texture2D calls with getColor.

Not sure if those are proper fixes or what I’m really doing there, but perhaps that helps someone and/or someone can explain what is going on there.