Shaders - fragment programs dev q's


I’m just getting into shader potentials and have been looking at the demo programs: TestFragmentProgramState and TestVertexProgramState.

I’ve started looking at some web tutorials and have downloaded TyphoonLabs OpenGL ShaderDesigner and Nvidia’sCgTookit and tutorial, but thought I’d ask a couple of “dumb” questions as I get my head around it:

Can I use these tools to create the ARBfp1 and ARBvp1 needed for jme/lwjgl, or do I have to hand code these? (I’m looking to use the tools for their rapid prototyping ability)

Are there any other shader formats that jme/lwjgl support?

Would it be possible, in JME, to implement real-time tweaking of the shader programs parameters similar to the Cg tutorial tweak mode? This would be useful for some real-time feedback ideas I need to implement. ie: vertex and pixel effects.



Sorry about the long delay. Unfortunately, I don’t know ShaderDesigner or CgToolkit to know if the programs they create would be compatible. Some testing on this end will be required, since ericthered went away to school we lost our primary shader person.

thnx. Better start peeling banana’s then…

Chman is wourking on GLSL suport.

Thanks, these are good points. More collaboration is appreciated. Also, once chman is done with finals and has time to put out what he’s got written for GLSL, definitely try it out and offer suggestions on that.