Shadertoy setup?

I’m new to JM3 - and want to setup Shadertoy shaders to make interactive apps.

  • My first question is how to setup a full screen quad.
  • I then need advice to create a material definition and a vert and frag file (with the shadertoy code inside the frag).
  • The material then needs attached to the quad
  • Shadertoy has certain uniforms like iGlobaltime and other uniforms I would like to know how to setup.

This is a boilerplate Shadertoy example,

If I managed to get something like that working, I’d be very happy and could take it from there.

I’ve google and searched forums for answers on all of the above, but I don’t get clear enough answers for a monkey newbie… I’d rather get all my questions in one place for the experts!

Any help appreciated!

I use shaders from shadertoy like a post effect

That’s kind of what I’m after - would have you an ‘empty’ setup project I could look at?

I’ve managed to get the basics setup and working - but using a GUI overlay - probably not ideal.