Hey guys,

I have a problem with the PSSMShadowrenderer.

As you can see on the screenshot there is a black layer over the field. When I zoom out the shadow descends and the proper shadows become visible. I use the following code for the shadows:

[java] PssmShadowRenderer pssmRenderer = new PssmShadowRenderer(assetManager,

1024, 2, PssmShadowRenderer.EDGE_FILTERING_PCF);

pssmRenderer.setDirection(new Vector3f(1, -1, -1).normalizeLocal());





The rootnode contains the green field, the waterplane and a skybox. I detached everything separately but nothing removed the black layer.

Has anyone an idea where the problem could lie?

mhh strange…i don’t have the issue

could you try with more splits? ( the 2 param in the constructor try with 3, 4 etc)

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Ok that worked but I had to go up to 8 splits until the black layer disappeared. Thanks a lot!

no no that’s not a solution, 8 splits will kill performances

that was just a test to help me figure it out.

Do you have some custom frustum settings for your camera?

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Argh ok. No I don’t have any custom settings. Works fine on my(!) computer though :smiley:

i’ll need a test case I cannot reproduce the error

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I found something new. I decreased the width and height of my field and saw that the black layer has a strange triangle(left side of the picture) shape, which expands when I scroll to the north and then suddenly breaks of to the left again(right part of the picture). Maybe that helps.

I should add that the field is being created with the GeometryBatchinstance, which led me to experimenting with the boundingbox of said field. For example I commented out the part where I set a new Boundingbox [java]newField.setModelBound(new BoundingBox()); [/java] which had some pretty strange effects onto the shadows.

Sometimes I could only see a small hint of a black layer in the corner and sometimes no shadows at all Pic:

Can I supply you with anything?

yes…with a piece of code that reproduce the issue :stuck_out_tongue:

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Phew PIECE of code? Oh man. Ok I will try my best to keep it as small as possible. g

I’m a damn idiot. I tried it on my laptop today and it worked without using 8 splits(1 split was enough). The problem disappeared on my computer after I updated my ATI drivers. Sorry for wasting your time :frowning:

Don’t worry there was no waste.

I’m glad it works now

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