Sharing VertexBuffers

When I share a Vertexbuffer between two meshes, will it stay a single - shared - buffer all the way into video memory? Or will it be split in seperate memory locations at any point in the process?

I currently use one buffer to send world information to both my grass- and water meshes. This world data tells the shaders where people are walking and stuff like that.

How do you access the data in your shaders?

To pass non vertex data to a shader i use uniform arrays all the time

I think it’s supposed to. Yes.

I mis use the verte color buffer. As far as I know using Uniforms is slower.

If it works for you. i fail to see how i would pass a characters location trough vertex data to my shaders

I have a globe with 40K positions where stuff happens. In the color-buffer I have 4X40K floats to tell the shaders what is happening.

I now have a rough version of the water shader that knows when guys are walking in water and reacts to them.