Shining texture


I can't force my textured object to shine. I tried different ambient, diffuse, specular, emmisive and shiness settings, but it doesn't work. When I disable the texture, the object (material) is shining.

How can I make my textured object shineing?

A bright specular and high shininess should be enough.

Could it be something as simple as loading (or however you're doing it) the texture overwriting your material settings?

Maybe try doing it in a different order, or setting the materials in your 3D modeller if you're doing things that way.

I'm using Scene Monitor to modify parameters.

I wan't to make my wood shine, but it doesn't no matter what parameters i use.

Tho spheres above the table are shows us where my point lights are.

The sphere on the table is just the shining test.

What can I do to make wood also shine?

I think you can't make the texture shiny unless you use a shader for this.

As I have no real experience with this I won't be a real help but have a look

at TestNormalMap (I think that is in jmetest.model.loader or something like this).

There you attach a shader with texture(diffuse), normals-texture and speculartexture <–shinny

But I don't know if that takes lights in account! For that search for per-pixellightnings.

I think in the wiki there is a link…

Sry, that I can't really help but maybe I pointed more or less in the right direction. Good luck


edit2: hmm, afaik you have something like shadersupport in sceneworker…