Showing bounding volumes

First of all, thx to those that answered my other questions.

Well, i am trying to show in the screen the bounding volumes of an object, how can i do this (i am using BaseGame class to implement, just in case it changes something)

Thx in advance ^^


You can call Debugger.drawBounds() in your render method.

got it, thx

Well, i was able to show the boundings, but i notice that all the last nodes on my articulated object, in this case, the head, the foot and the forearm(since there is no hand), is not included in the bounding box and i guess the other bounding volumes did the same(i dun remember for sure now), is there any reason for this to happen?

Thx in advance

Maybe you need to add bounding volumes to them, or call updateModelBounds().