Simple grass/foliage animation (wind)

So let’s say I have some simple foliage:

The grass is manually placed. I’m looking for a simple way to have some (non-realistic) simulated wind moving the grass. I imagine some kind of shader moving the vertices where movement of the vertices is more pronounced if they are higher. Anyone got an example of such a shader or some info on how I could go about doing this?


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These are the libraries I am aware of:

Hope it helps

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If you already have geometry, just fork the .vert shader to move the tips based on a smooth noise texture or a sine function.

“How do I know the tips?” If you aren’t making your own meshes then the easy way is with clever UVs. Or if your texture requires strict UVs of some variety then use a second set of UVs where the base of the grass has texture coordinate 0 and the top has texture coordinate 1… then scale your ‘wave’ by that texture coordinate.