Simple Rotation

Hi all,

I have a problem with rotating an object in following situation: The object can be rotated around the y-axis and the z-axis. So if I want to rotate it around the y-axis, I do these steps:

(1) Set rotation around z-axis to 0

(2) Rotate around the y-axis

(3) Set rotation around z-axis to the old value

I have to rotate it to 0 on the z-axis, so it keeps moving horizontally.

To do this (step (1)), I use the following code:

float f = object.getLocalRotation().getZ();

object.rotate( -f );

To rotate it back in the end (step (3)), I use this code:

object.rotate( f );

My problem now is, that the object is rotated to 0 on the z-axis in step (1), but in step (3), it doesn’t rotate by f.

I hope you understand what I want to do and that you may be able to help me, thx.

Try this:


float[] xyz = object.getLocalRotation().toAngles(null);

xyz[1] = (whatever the new y rotation is);

xyz[2] = (whatever the new z rotation is);

object.setLocalRotation(object.getLocalRotation.fromAngles(xyz[0], xyz[1], xyz[2]));


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It is working, thank you!