Sketchup .obj models not working with ambient light

So i have this model in sketchup:

The colors are added directly through sketchup. I export it as .obj with triangulated faces. I get the .obj and .mtl files, put it in JME, make them into .j3o. I add a white.mult(1.3f) ambient light, i load the model and set its material to Lighting.j3md. I then set its ambient color to white and UseMaterialColors to true. Now the model is just all white, or pretty much just its material’s color. Without ambient light and a point light instead i can easily see the colors on the models. In the .mtl file, the values for ambient is all 0’s.

I’ve read all the threads on this, tried seemingly everything and cant seem to find a solution.

tl;dr: ambient light doesn’t work with my model made and colored in sketchup

please help.

Have you read this?

I had a similar issue. A directional light seems to work in my case. Maybe you could try it. Of course it does not solve your problem if you depend on an ambient light. What jME version are you using?

Yep, doesn’t say much, tbh.

and for

The latest, 3.1 stable, i’ll try playing with other lights and see if i can get anything good without having ambient light.