Sky scattering in jME, no problem

Nothing is hard when using jME :wink:


Faster youtube version:

wow :slight_smile:

That's awesome. :slight_smile:

Can't seem to get this video to play, tried it in winamp, quicktime and windows media, no luck (or codec).

VLC can play it. Great job MrCoder!

Thats really neat!

Neat indeed!

That looks amazing! :slight_smile:

I can't watch the video at work  :frowning:

Mr. Coder any objection on putting that video up on YouTube or Google Video and then posting it as a news item on jME's front page?

Can you post it on one of those sites, I can't upload the video or logon to any of those sites at work, but when I get home from work I could do it.

Awesome!  :-o

That's amazing  :-o

That is too cool MrCoder.  I have a similiar day/night demo:

I just made that video and the quality turned out pretty bad, you cant see the stars and such.  Maybe I'll make a new one.

Edit: Video #2, about the same, unfortunately:

Also emulates FPS/RTS unit movement and a simple terrain/vegitation.

What most impresses me about yours is the terrain globe… Seemingly flawless LoD and scale.  I've been trying to think of a way to do just that for the last few days.  Care to share any tips/code?

It was mostly taken from an article on vterrain(Sky & Atmosphere), unfortunately I don't remember which one…I'll let you know if I can find it.

Mr Coder

In respect to your work on the BillBoard grid pixelshader

is this rendering in a similar way to an imposter or render to texture

it's more similar to very simplified raytracing/raycasting, done in the pixelshader…implemented from this paper:

A. Top marks for finding the paper

B. Top marks marks for implementing it

C. Given that grass cannot grow on ice hockey arena's, is spirits going to be brought from the back of the cupboard or was this a relic from the veg competition

crikey - 11mb of textures for the veg - did you use the same textures or simplified ones

heh thanks…it's more like a relic from my spare time. in that zip there were some small textures that i tested with(the first ones in the video i just created cause they better showed the actual algorithm)

always fun to take the shortcut of implementing other peoples papers :slight_smile:

cool  8)