SkyBox Assets For Download

Hi Guys,
For my educational project, I need a variety of JME compliant SkyBox assets for download free/paid.
I found this nice website:

which has a lot of real nice skyboxes but they are not in a format that JME accepts (TGA). I tried converting the images to JPG but the results where poor.
So, is there a website with JME format Skyboxes assets that you can recommend or alternatively some tool to convert those TGAs…


HDRI haven ( skyboxes work fine with jme, if you set the map format to equirectangular.

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Thanks and how do you convert this HDR format to 6 pics / DDS file? I guess JME doesn’t work directly with HDRs right?

No need to convert, just load the hdr. Be warned that load times can be pretty insane if you use hdris with big resolutions.

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