Small documentation fix for FilterPssm

Just comment to javadoc fix, since its annyoing to need to go into the class to read it.



— (revision 9887)

+++ (working copy)

@@ -146,14 +146,14 @@

return pssmRenderer.getLambda();


  • /*
  • /**
  • Adjust the repartition of the different shadow maps in the shadow extend
  • usualy goes from 0.0 to 1.0
  • a low value give a more linear repartition resulting in a constant quality in the shadow over the extends, but near shadows could look very jagged
  • a high value give a more logarithmic repartition resulting in a high quality for near shadows, but the quality quickly decrease over the extend.
  • the default value is set to 0.65f (theoric optimal value).
  • @param lambda the lambda value.
  • */<br />
  • **/

    public void setLambda(float lambda) {


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Ho thanks!

Note: for the record, only the first line change was needed.