Small hurdles making a semi-arcade racing game

Planning on getting something similar in physics to top gear rally, need for speed or test drive unlimited.
I am slightly hesitant to release some of the code just yet, but can paste lots of it.

Currently my game involves a single car moving throughout many kinds of worlds, static and dynamic.
The dynamic maps are pieced together as you drive, loading in front of you and disappearing behind you.

Here is a link to a video. It has an example of a ‘dynamic’ world.

I have a few things that I can’t seem to solve on my own:

  1. the camera that i wrote jumps back and forward at slightly lower framerates (no i am not using the chasecam)
  2. trying to overwrite the physics of the default physics class has caused some problems, anyway to bypass some of it entirely? (hoping to get a dev answer for this one…)
  3. a better way to do a minimap, because it currently looks at the whole scene graph.
  4. I have played this on 2 devices and couldn’t get all the skidmarks to work on one of them (the video is from that one)

If you actually want to see the source code, it is in github but as I spend 3 years on that F1 model, not too keen on opening it to the public (linked), so PM or whatever makes sense.



great job so far! That f1 is awesome btw. Would you be willing to let me see the code minus the models? I’d be willing to share any advancements I find.

I’ve been doing 3d modeling for a while on and off, thats the result of like 2.5 hrs of like a few hours a month.

I’ve made i bit more progress: (if you are worried about the colours, flux was on…)

Those trucks are hilarious. They are like a puppy pack. Did you create the ai for them? Is the world procedure generated?

The trucks are pretty funny, and great to play with. I did manage 15 today without too much lag…

I created the ai.
Its called “aim at player”:

  • turn until you aim at player
  • if the angle is greater than quarter_pi brake otherwise always accel

The model for the trucks isn’t actually mine… but everything else is.

The world in the first video is procedurally generated.
The second is just a simple map scaled by 500.