Smooth COLLADA Model?


Before asking the question, I’d like to say I like JME very much.

It is fast and easy to use, thank you, all of JME contributors.

So, my question is this. I exported a cylinder from Maya with COLLADA format,

and imported the cylinder into JME. The result looks like:

Obviously, the cylinder looks smoother in Maya than JME.

Is there a way to smooth a COLLADA model?

Thanks :slight_smile:

if it is a static model, u should be able to use vertex normal which will smooth ur model.

but if it has skeletal animation in it, the collada importer in jme doesnt really like anything but face normals. and even if u have face normals, the chance of making the animation working is very slim anyways.

my suggestion is to give up collada as most of us already have done.

neakor said:

my suggestion is to give up collada as most of us already have done.

We didn't. ;)
renanse said:

neakor said:

my suggestion is to give up collada as most of us already have done.

We didn't. ;)

yeah u guys have the super in house exporter and we have to use the poorly made feeling soft exporter.... :'(

I found in blender high-quality normals need to be selected when exporting OBJ models.

Don't know if that helps with Maya though.

if its a static object, try to use obj format.

try using the average normal thing in maya. i remember my artists told this along time ago, but i could be wrong though…

in general, if u create an object without touching the normal, everything should load fine. at least thats my testing experience.

If you want to make anything even remotely good looking you need to manhandle the normals.  Not static.  And it would take a frigging genius to make this without touching normals.

No.  I need a way to export and import with expected results.  Preferably with Collada 'cause I like Maya.

Also, as eliang encountered even a primitive cylinder doesn't retain normals.

Digging around in the Collada files that fail versus man.dae provided by jME…  the only thing I can find that is overtly different between their "In House" exporter and the Vanilla "rest of the world" exporter is a section with data stride of 3 instead of 2 and an extra <param name="P" type="float"/> that they are expecting in the array.

So would it be possible to patch it for the jME source like you say to support the rest of the exporters?

To quote myself:

"I'm an artist using jME 'cause it's damn easy and sexy.  Do not assume I can code :slight_smile: ."

I dunno.  Sure.  But it would take some doin'.  And the help of someone more savvy with code than I. ;)  For instance… what the hell is "P"?

Oh now I have no idea.  Found a utility that validates Collada files at and my model checks out.  Test_Ball_Hard.dae checks out too.  But man.dae freaks it out.

Error log at

…but we digress.  the model loads into jME fine… other than Normals.  And this is what I want help with.

Eureka!  I found it.  I don't know what causes it but here goes.

If material type = Lambert; there is no normals

If material type = Phong;  Poof!  there they are.

If material type = Blinn;  Poof! Normals look great, but textures are gone!

This may be a bug or by design.  Either way, there you go.

You are funny :slight_smile:

We need more artists here

The important thing is that I'm funny and found the solution. :)  If you want normals from Maya through Collada 1.4.1 you need to use Phong.