[SOLVED] Bleeding white pixels

We made a new monster for the game, unfortunately there are some graphics artifacts of unknown origin:

Those white bleeding pixels are visible only on particular angles.
The hairs are made using alpha map, I checked the diffuse and alpha maps, there are no white surfaces next to those hairs. That white pixels seems to appear on the very edge of the model.

I can see this effect on both stock and my own shaders. Is there any way to filter it?

Looks like specular to me… not sure what’s the issue.

EDIT: oh ok you mean the white dots at the tip of the hair right?

It’s edge but why is visible?

For sure it is not specular. I’m drawing diffuse channel from gbuffer and I can see those artifacts. No light, no specular, only diffuse.

Is the hair texture part of an atlas or a texture on its own… because it looks like wrap bleeding to me or atlas bleeding.

Yes, it is, but it was the first thing we checked. We replaced all white spaces with black color, there are no white pixels near the hair.

Can we see what the atlas looks like or is that too proprietary?

It just reminds me of texture wrap… though if it’s an atlas then you can probably turn on clamping instead of wrapping and eliminate that as a possibility.

We are testing one more thing, Winhelp is moving the hair’s UV.

Hairs are placed on that black space on the upper side of the image.

You mean near all of that white stuff? Or?

And depending on which version of JME you are using, texture wrap is on by default… so make sure to turn that off because it’s undesirable in this case. Depending on how your hair is oriented, you could be picking up bits of the grey from the left side of the texture because of wrapping.

Near but not that close to.

orange part

wait we have solution…