[SOLVED] DPI Override Programmatical

I have a weird problem with screens. If you set a Display scale to let’s say 125% then my app is 125% bigger. And same when I switch to full screen and that is pretty uncool.

There is a Flag Override DPI in an executable file which you can set to avoid, but unfortunately if I upload that executable to Steam and re-install it, the flag is gone, so I guess it is not bound to the file.

Any good way to let my game to ignore the display scale of 125%?

Did anybody had a similar problem?

In case somebody else has this problem, it’s not a JME problem but a Java problem. Just start your game with


That’s it :smiley:

Btw. to provoke the problem just set a display scale of 125% and start your game preferable full screen to see that you will actually get the upper left part of your camera.