[SOLVED] Game scale is too big

Hey everyone,
Is it normal that I have to scale everything in my game so much? Let me elaborate:
I’ve made a scene on Blender but I had to scale it in Blender 40x. Now this is logical since it’s a whole map, but now for good shadow qualities I need huge shadow_map values, I need huge movespeed values, I need huge render distance values. I need huge everything! Is there a way to reduce it all? Utilizing FlyCam here, maybe that’s why everything seemed so tiny without scaling?

Visual scale doesn’t have much to do with the camera, really. There is no intrinsic scale, its all relative. Why did you “have to” scale your map? Of course theres things like the camera near plane and far plane but things don’t “look small” if you scale them down. If you move close enough with the camera it will look big again. Anyway, if you go with 1 unit = 1 meter everything should work out pretty smoothly, from camera frustum to physics. And blender units translate to world units as well when you import.

Well here is an example:

This is the old unfixed scene I made so ignore the fact that it’s ugly and colourless, but that Ninja right there I scaled 0.1f. It’s still massive compared to my model. In Blender, however, the map is the size of the entire grid. This is what I meant, if I were to use this scale I’d have to scale the ninja down to like 0.01f or 0.001f. Everything then gets scaled because of this.

As said, its all relative. The ninja is very big, the scene isn’t small (well maybe a little but the ninja IS very big). As said as well, make 1 unit be 1 meter and you should be well.

I’m sorry, make 1 unit be 1 metre where? In Blender? :o

Everywhere. Blender has units, the engine has units. Like you know, when you say spatial.move(0,1,0)? That “1” would correspond to one meter. And in Blender, when you say how large a box should be? There as well “1” would be one meter. As said its all relative so you could just as well say thats one centimeter for you but if you use one meter then most stuff should work out of the box.

You almost have certainly forgotten to apply scale in blender. Blender has many places to set scale and sizes and in a lot of those place it is not applied to the mesh. So the mesh gets imported at its original size.

Long story short, if your scales, rotations and translations are applied in blender then the mesh will import correctly as every vertex will have all scales, rots and translations applied.

I do seem to have an axis flipped somehow. But i haven’t investigated properly.

If i remember correctly, each object in blender has a scale value for each axis under the ‘n’ shortcut menu you want it to be 1 so its same size in JME.
If you want to keep that scale (in blender) you can go to object edit mode and scale everything by the value that the global scale for the object was.

And in future if you need to scale something in blender for JME you should scale in edit mode. This is what i do to maintain the same scale.

Or just apply scale! its in the object menu.

We’re talking about two different things here, both named “scale”. He’s complaining that the ninja looks bigger than the scene which is a problem of relative scale. It doesn’t matter how the scaling in blender or the engine happens, important thing is that a character should be about two units high and a house at least 4 or 5 so that they look correct in relation to each other. You could also make it 20 units and 40 units - important thing is the relative scale.

My scale is already at 1. It still is very small relative to camera

I see. So if I make a chaseCam (which I’m having issues with) on a small model it’ll “scale the camera” down?

Err… no. You just need to put the camera closer. See - can a cartoon show a whole city or an individual face both on the same size paper sheet? Or do they have to draw tiny faces or use huge sheets of paper?

I see! That’s what I was trying to get at. Thanks!