[SOLVED] Gamma correction issues in my scene

Hi all,

I have an issue, I am not sure from where, should I start to investigate, the left photo without gamma correction, the one on the right is with gamma correction.

for more details about the scene, the scene has a bloom filter

I am using jMonkeyEngine SDK 3.1.0-alpha3

The situation as follow
Bloom Filter+ Gamma correct false = Works fine
Bloom filter + Gamma correction true = cause the strange look in the right side photo.
Without Bloom filter, it works with and without gamma correction.

as well as the spot light shadow post processor, cause the image to be pitch black in case of gamma correction.

Does it happen with other jME tests like TestBox?
What OS / GPU is this?

I tried it with TestBloom, and I got same result

my machine is
Windows 7, GPU is Intel HD Graphics 4000

EDIT : It gives the same behavior
I should disable either Gamma correction or Bloom filter to be displayed properly, enabling both give the wrong result

I had the same problem of yours, and I solved it by updating the drivers of my Nvidia card. Try that.

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Ok, thank you @Ev1lbl0w I will give it a try

Thank you all, updating the driver solved it