[SOLVED] Geometry Shader question


As the title states, do we have a hidden geometry shader pipeline in JME? The reason why I ask is I want to create a geometry shader that allows me to transition a planet from a sphere in stace to mountainous terrain as I gen closer. I also want to create an exploding ship effect with debris.


And probably this


Yes we have a geometry shader, I used it here :

Sounds like you need a tessellation shader, not a geometry one. Geo shaders add limited amounts of extra geometry, tessellation adds extra detail.

Edit: going from planet to surface requires a mesh LOD solution, not a shader solution.


OK I am an idiot. I should have looked at the test classes. Now I feed like a noob. Thank you for pointing out my ignorance lol


They’ve been working on this thing called Google for a while now, I hear it’s pretty good at helping in situations like this.


That’s crazy talk.


I deserve that one :wink: It’s rare that I get a brain fart but when I do … it’s epic!


This one was more of a public shart