[SOLVED] Help with Collision

How can I make it so a first person camera can collide with terrain in a j3o scene?


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That doesn’t seem to work. It has a problem with loading the .j3o scene

What was the problem? Did the program close with a error message? What was it?

Judging from my point of view, chances are you didn’t download the town.zip file and put it in the right directory.

You also might want to read the previous Hello Tutorials on the Wiki, because you’re new.

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i think the best are ready solutions to see. ofc tutorials are important, but sometimes when something dont work, new member might not know what it is. Thats why i also suggest creating JME Tests project(there is option when create new project) in JME SDK and run them with sourcecode preview and test assets access.

I started with them, it is just copy&past action needed and you get your hands a little bit dirty with the IDE. I expect all newbies do that before even start a game, everything else is either madness or you are just a f**ing genius.
Further more it helps a lot to write a simple game to reproduce an issue instead those silly ping pong threads until the problem is understood by the ones who want to help. Of course this counts not for conceptional questions.

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