[SOLVED] High resolution render

Hi all,

for a project, I have to render the 3D scene to an image, but for print, and most of time in computers with bad graphic cards. So I have to render images in high resolution first to print, and second to do a software anti aliasing when gpu can't.

I have done a Class wich render the scene scaling and moving viewport to get different small images and obtain a big one. The problem is that I am limited to viewport max size, wich can be 2048x2048 on some graphic cards, so wich only permit to render an image of 1024 with an anti-aliasing of 2x.

So my question is : Is there any solution to render a high resolution image of the scene without being limited by the viewport size ? of course without other rendering engine.

I think about moving camera to do multiple renders, but I don't think it will work because of perspective. It could be possible in ortho, but my scene is not.


That's a tough one, but I am gonna take the 'swag' approach and say no; getting around the openGL maximum resolution would be difficult I would think…

Hmmm, I may be off but as a guess

Why not take four shots ( or more ) rather than taking one shot to make the image to print …

Whouhou great, I found the solution !  :smiley:

I found this article to do high resolution screen shots :


In fact he modify the frustum to scale the view. I did the same thing but with viewport. So I modified my code and now it works.

theprism, it’s what I do, with multiple shots, but for each shot you must modify view, that’s was the problem. It’s explain in the article.


Thanx for marking this solved (and not listening to me :)), its always nice for people later that need it.