[SOLVED] How to make screen blend mode?

I’d like to have screen blend mode between 2 moving layers… is it possible to have that? Do I have to write a shader that keeps track of the position of the overlapping layer to have it work properly?

I just googled “opengl photoshop blend modes” because I was trying to find an old site that used to list blend mode settings for various photoshop blend modes…but couldn’t find it easily.

However, the first link answers your question I think:

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I’ve seen this, but is for 3.0


Is there a published javadoc for 3.1? Would it be possible to have it with gradle and stuff? :smiley:

And yes, I’m aware that I can see the source on github… but javadoc is more convenient :wink:

And by the way, to answer myself:


#Learn to use blend modes, n00b!

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A -javadoc.jar is published with each of the jars along with a -sources.jar in standard maven repo style. If you mean is it pushed to the web site somewhere then I don’t think so. I guess that happens after the real release.

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Depends on the IDE, but on Netbeans at least right click on your project Dependencies on Projects tab. Select “Download sources”. It’ll get sources and JAVADOC.

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