[solved] JME3 SDK how to use java 8?

Hi there,

I am currently developing with the JME3 SDK and integrated IDE. The JRE version for my project is set to 1.8 (Properties → Libraries → Java Platform) and yet when I try to use lambdas I get an error message telling me:

method references are not supported in -source 1.7
(use -source 8 or higher to enable method references)

method reference not expected here

So what exactly do I have to do to enable java 1.8 and all of its features?

Thank you very much.

Look under properties->sources>source.

Thank you very much, that did it!

Now, how can I flag a thread as solved? This forum software is pretty different to what I am used to.

At top, next to your title, is a pencil ie edit button. Add [SOLVED] at front of title.

I see. I thought such a fancy forum software might have a build-in feature but it seems I was mistaken.

Well the thing is it is a forum and not a Q&A platform, not every thread is a question which can be solved.
And it’s mostly fancy yep, but not overly superior :stuck_out_tongue: But I guess there could be plugins for that as well.