[solved] jMonkeyEngine v2 sourcecode somewhere?

Hi, for nostalgic reasons I’m looking for the jMonkeyEngine 2-Source Code but I can’t seem to find it anywhere in the web. Does anyone any location or maybe someone is left back from the days who have the sourcecode somewhere hidden on an dusty harddrive!? :wink:

I’m especially interested in its mesh-based ocean-sim (when I recall it right). So I would be greatful if someone can help me there.


PS: too bad, I couldn’t login to my old account(ttrocha) and I guess my used email is outdated. whatever. have fun


It looks like the JME 2.0.1 sources are still available from


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Many of the old stuff of the internet are archived by The Internet Archive. For example, you can find jMonkeyEngine 2.0.1 stable as it was back in the day here:


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Oh man, I’m so blind. I actually was on that page and downloaded the jME2.1-version (that did not had source-include). But in the meantime (actually while writing I also rembered that project wonderland used jME2 and found this one:

And this also has ant- and maven-scripts. Resulting into this:



Ah finally found out, that the sample I was looking for can only be rendered with JOGL. Always fun with the native-libs :smiley:
Now isn’t that a beauty? :wink:


That looks better than the current water system :slightly_smiling_face:

Hehe,…yeah same for the engine I’m using currently. I might want to port it over (someday) :wink:

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