[SOLVED] Join two model with same texture in [Blender]

An other question!
This is related to blender . [I searched the internet but could not solve it (I did not know what should I search for)].

I have two separate model but both have same texture.

(Actually it was a unit mesh but [Mixamo Auto Rigger][1] could not rig it so I cut hair and clothes then rigged it with Mixamo)
Now I want to join them again. I used Ctrl+J in blender to join the meshes. but it turned to be like this:

So I need to some how return the lost texture.
So Can you help me again ?
(If more info is needed please mention)
Thanks a lot .
[1]: https://www.mixamo.com/auto-rigger

I’m a blender noob.

both model have same texture + same UV map (aka same material) ?

Yes Both have same texture and material . (1 material and 1 texture but with different names)

from https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Mesh/Joining-meshes-and-UV-maps/td-p/2374787

“The fix is to change both UV map names to the same name and then join.”

It worked.

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@david_bernard_31 thanks for changing topic to be [SOLVED]. I was going to change it anyway but I encountered with an small issue (Solved it right now). and it was :
After joining both mesh the main mesh which had rig on it lost the rigging.(armature animation).
but I could solve it . selected the mesh and hold “shift” key then selected armature then “Ctrl+P” (for parenting) , then select “Armature Deform” . Finally my rigging got back safely .