[SOLVED] Mimic a neon tube light

I wonder if someone has some tips and tricks to mimic a neon light? We have spot light, point light and directional light. My game is made out of 3D tiles. So one thing I came up is place a point light for each tile where the neon tube is in.

Are you looking for neon light in the sense of how it looks. Or in terms of how it lights the rest of the scene (from a volume not a point)?

If you’re talking in terms of how it looks I’d suggest a glow effect (this wont light the rest of the scene, but that can probably be approximated with point lights or pre baked light)


Thank you. Have to look into pre baked lights as I do not really know what that is, but I think it doesn’t easily work if everything is broken down in 3D tiles.
But glow and point lights sounds reasonable.

Prebaked light is when you calculate the lighting ahead of time (and bake it into the geometry - no lights). Either in-application or fully offline in the design stage. Minecraft is a very famous example of prebaked light but lots of more traditional games use it too (but more realistic lighting). The big advantage of pre baked light is performance (especially for interesting light), the big disadvantage is it can’t cope with lights (or objects) that move because it is all calculated ahead of time.

I’d be starting with glow and point lights to try to fake it as well.

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I went with th point light approach and it actually looks very good. The backed one I don’t need I guess.