[SOLVED] RigidBodyControl building falls through ground

on numerous versions of an ogre mesh building i made in blender, when i assign it a rigidbodycontrol with meshshape created by factory it falls through the ground, even if i set it to spawn way above the ground, it just continues to fall,

the building was created explicity out of cubes of various sizes (because i read somewhere that if a model misses a mesh it will have wierd physics) while normal rigidbodycontrol works (i.e. just mass set or no constructor) however, my building should be enterable by the character, so i needed it to have a collisionshape which matches the model shape.

*ive not tampered with the collision groups in the platform model i use as terrain nor the building model

i tried setting gravity to zero for that control however no affect, any help would be appreciated

if there are guidelines on how to create and use enterable buildings please do tell,

thanks in advance

Enable the debug view (physicsSpace.enableDebug(assetManager):wink: that will probably give you more insight into whats going wrong.

i did that normen, however as its falling through the ground i see that it applies physics boxes to the various shapes (i.e. walls, cieling) all seperately which is what i want, but it keeps falling through the ground


gah how stupid of me, now mass works, setting it to 0f prevents it falling through the ground.

apologies, sleeping on it always seems to solve my problems xD