Some questions about scenery design

I just wanted to know following points.
1 can you import an svg as quad, eg for a water surface?
2 can you pet a top view of your landscape to set/position buildings, other objects, eg bridges, houses?
3 how do you scale objects in a scenery to the right dimensions?
4 working with heightmaps, is there some tool you can use to assigne to a grey value a height?

Thx for your time,

An SVG is an image. I’m sure I’ve seen an SVG importer for JME somewhere. To that end it would be a texture that you can project on to any geometry, including a quad.

You scale things using .setScale. “To the right dimensions” is a bit vague. Only you will know the dimensions of the model, so only you will know how much to scale it by. Having said that, there is a bounding volume that will tell you the smallest extents from its center.

For height maps, there are many implementations available. It’s not too difficult to “roll your own” either. I have written an implementation myself.

For mine it wants a height map size +3 bigger than the size of the generated mesh. 1 for the extra vertex at the end, and +1 for each side so it can calculate the edge normals correctly and join without normal seams.

thx alot for your help

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