Some Questions re: characters and minie

Would be possible to get a snippet of how to output bone on bone contact with 2 or more DAC models

Has anyone tried to implement climbing or any kind of non standard scene traversal with Better Character what would be a good approach to that, it seems that BCC has issues with getting up small steps…but I want to switch away from CC to make use of BCC crouching

Off topic-ish
My models will be exported from blender 279 internal via orge but would use gltf…IF I could get around the PBR requirement, I want to do toon styled graphics so PBR is unnecessary hassle for me


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Oh, now I have to dig deep in my memory. If I recall, there was a way using a static function call to set the default gltf importer material. But you will find that it may break your materials if they are defined in the gltf as the gltf format was designed for PBR. Once the unlit pull request is merged in, then you will be able to set the material to be unlit in blender and perhaps it would be easier to change in jme.
But all you really need to do is reassign the materials after the import in jme.

It may take me some digging though the code, let me see if I can find that static call to set the default material… If it even exists and my memory is not failing me :sweat_smile:

It looks like my memory may be faulty. After digging in the code, I came up with nothing. And then I remembered this port: Light Control Fixes and GLTF Punctual Light and Unlit Material Extensions - #14 by sgold

In the loader, the material is created here (jmonkeyengine/ at 153e3e8370876feb420f4a727441ca9c04836fe4 · jMonkeyEngine/jmonkeyengine · GitHub) if one it not specified, but it looks like there is no way to specify it. Perhaps a GltfModelKey could be created in the future for providing some settings on loading gltf modes. But for now it does not look possible.

Would be possible to get a snippet of how to output bone on bone contact with 2 or more DAC models

Collisions and contact forces between dynamic anim controls are enabled by default. I’m unclear what trouble you’re having and what code you’re looking for.

I mean like if character kicks another in the “stomach” register something like if Rolldoll1 “foot bone” collided with Ragdoll2 “Rib bone” do something, i just want to know that will be doing it right, Jmephysics never returned correct bone on bone contact for me

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I believe DynamicAnimControl.addCollisionListener() will do what you want. But I admit I haven’t tested it lately.