Somebody with an understandig of Hidden Markov Models? (and JAHMM?)


has someone of u guys done something with Hidden Markov Models before?

I'm currently writing my Bachelor-Thesis, the topic is "gesture recognition for human computer interaction in VR".

I gained a basic understanding of HMMs, but still have some questions.

Maybe one of u could answer some of them.

Please leave a note here or by PM if you feel able to help me (good+basic knowledge of HMMs / JAHMM Library).

I will offer a more detailed specification of my problems then.



I don't think anybody here knows about VR or gesture recognition, most people are here to make 3D games  :slight_smile:

You might be able to find forums for your topic online, try a google search 

thx for the answer, momoko.  :slight_smile:

But there are no newsgroups or forums out there, according to HMMs…

…at least i haven't found them, spending quite some time on searching.  :?

But i gained contact to an professor at the Tech.University of Munich.

I thought, that mabye somebody, who had studied e.g. Informatics might have heard about MarkovModels.

…but doesn't seem so.



I heard about HMMs when at college, but didn't study them that time or now. Sorry, no hints…

I am a Math major who deserted for Computer Science, and I can tell you that Markov * (processes, chains, models, etc) scare me more than a bit.