Someone mentioned Bucket.Translucent

Since there is no documentation for render buckets as of yet, I just wanted to ask what the differences between Transparent and Translucent buckets are? Translucent is a new one to me… assuming it was added post alpha 4 release.

I have high hopes that one or the other will now be ignored when using things like fog :slight_smile: Oh oh!! Or even better excluded from post processing as well… which I am not totally sure would be possible… being that it is POST processing. hahahaha.

Though, the render issues with transparencies on billboards, etc when using things like fog and bloom filters gets weird. So one can hope!

You always have javadoc:

A special mode used for rendering transparent objects that should not be effected by SceneProcessor. Generally this would contain translucent objects, and also objects that do not write to the depth buffer such as particle emitters.

I guess this answers your question
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@Momoko_Fan said:
You always have javadoc:

I guess this answers your question

Oooo... exactly what I was hoping for. Sorry about not looking through the javadocs, however, I am having a slew of issues getting beta to work properly, and thought this was the best place to get an answer in the interim. One of the issues was resolved in the latest nightly, however this brought up a few others... think I'll be waiting for the next stable before continuing. but!! Thanks for the reply!!!

I have a feeling this was just what I needed to ensure my plans to rule the universe will be successful.

Many of us run beta without issue… so if you don’t tell us about your issues then they may not get solved.

After all… it could be something simple to change on your end.