Space Invaders Game

Good morning monkeys,

I hope all are well today.
I want to share with you all my most recent game which I did over the holiday season.
I thought some of you would be very entertained by it therefor please enjoy!

Here is the link to the game: Download here

And for those that don’t want to install here is a screenshot:


Gonna try it right away :wink:

Downloading :slight_smile: I see you’re using the Bitgem3D space invaders. How did you import them?

Well that is somewhat of a process, let me explain.

  1. First of all I take the tool Autodesk FBX Converter and convert the model from “.fbx” format into Collada “.dae” format.
  2. I take that DAE file and edit it with some editor such as Notepad ++.
  3. In that file you have to remove all tags and its content because Blender crashes when I you try to import it.
  4. Save that change
  5. Then open blender and Import the model as a Collada (Default) .dae model.
  6. All that you have to do now is assign the correct textures to the correct UV layouts and save the blender file in your jME workspace.
  7. My next step normally is to go into blender and stip the different animation cycles out and create new actions for each.
  8. NB: What I did notice is that some of these models have some funny transformations going on and I do not know how to fix it.

Hope this was helpful.

Thats one hell of an assetpipline :monkey:

You are right, but the fbx models with Blender is currently under development.
Therefor I am forced to do it this way.
The upside of this is that once I have the model in .blend format I can use it and edit is.
So it is only for new models.

Jeah, i know about the fbx support. Was more of a tough that came into my mind when i read this. I would bet that 90% of users would give up at step 3.

Nice game btw, as usual i have to say. Your work is always very polished.

Thank you so much for the feedback.
The more people are aware of these problems and how to solve them the more we might get more people involved with this amazing engine.
Glad you enjoyed it.

Holy sh**… So Blender’s FBX import is still shoddy huh?

Time to revisit the FBX importer. I pinged them with an e-mail. Seems their game is still actively being developed.

You know what, I spent a whole year (was not doing it every day for sure, but once in 2 months or so, but every time I was left with awfully broken animations and was kinda let down) trying to successfully import assets from lineage 2 to use in jme, like I even had to write my own maxscript and some java utility stuff, because animations are really painful to convert, since blender does not really work with unreal engine animated models (all animated stuff gets horribly broken), tho export from blender works fine, and exporting from 3ds max to ogre xml is a real mess.

Hi there. FBX import is fully working, and we are actively using it :slight_smile: we even updating it in jme from time to time…

Woah! Can you give some more information on the tool/process? I haven’t heard of this before, and it would be very very useful for me…

Wow, that I did not know.
Is there any way you can help or explain to me how to going about using this importer?

Well done! Looks promising, but doesn’t run on Genymotion. Not your fault, looks like that JmeAndroidSystem.getPlatform() is a show stopper.

Played it now. All in all a very solid game. Nice UI with nice animations and feedback, decent sound effects and no weirdness noticed in gameplay about 5-6 levels in.

The one thing that bothered me, and it’s a pretty big deal, was that the tilt-movement was incredibly sensitive on my 2013 Nexus 7. I practically never stood still; I was always moving slightly to either side.

Cool, thanks for the feedback.
I know the tilting it a little bit sensitive and I am working on getting a better feel of it for the player.
I will let you know when a new version is available.