Sprites and shaders

is it possible to make sprites fade in/out with some shaders or other black magic?


where should i start? please explain bit more? :slight_smile:

Well, there are maybe a dozen different ways to do sprites… within those maybe a dozen different ways to do fading of those sprites.

Should I provide all 144 answers or role 2d12 and pick one at random?

Or maybe you could provide some information about what you are starting with and what you have already looked at. Like, put more than 2 seconds of effort into the question and maybe we will put more than 2 seconds into answers.


oh sorry :smile:
im making foliage with 3 levels model+imposor+sprite
to sprites im using SpriteLibrary

i know basic about materials and shaders, and can make impostors/models do stuff.
but just dont know kow those sprites work and how can i combine them with maeterial/shader

Without knowing the library or anything else, can’t you simply Set the alpha value of that Sprite?

Like alpha → 0 is fading out. Just do that in each update call. Decrease alpha by tpf, that’ll fade out in 1 second. Decrease by 1/2 * tpf. That will fade out in 2 seconds…

Sounds like this is a support question for that sprite library then, I guess.

…who knows how they’ve done their material + mesh, etc… I haven’t really looked, personally.

But maybe someone knows.