Starcraft 2

anybody boughtplayed it yet

any weird shit to be aware of i.e. anti-piracy stuff that feels like a PITA to legit buyers

does it feel like its going to be worth buying 3 that was once 1…if u get my meaning

have to import it and want to know if its worth the hassle

no demo so…

I haven't played it personally, but I know quite a few people who play it and really enjoy it. The main reason I don't play it is that it'll take so long to get any good at the multiplayer, which is a key part of the game. I don't have that much time to dedicate to gaming :frowning:

I beated the campaign on normal… and played a few AI rounds.

It's a good game but right now I can't put my time into it.

I'm terrible at it, but it's still fun :lol:

Honestly, a lot of people were angry about how they split the campaigns up into 3 episodes, but after beating the campaign, I can understand why they're doing it this way. They put a lot of polish/work into producing the single player campaign. Perhaps a labor of love? I dunno.

As far as anti-piracy stuff that sucks, I wouldn't really call it a real problem, but you have to connect to battle net to play regardless if you want to do single player or multiplayer. I find it to be a non-issue, but I guess it could be if you can't guarantee your connection. Battle net is and has been stable for a while now, so it's not like some crappy DRM server that might go down (*glares at Ubisoft+Assassin's Creed 2).

Overall, if you liked the first one, I can't see why you wouldn't like SC2.

The campaign is good so far, new units, new buildings etc… and you have the same fun playing it than with the first one.

There is a WOW style achievement system, but achievement are a lot less stupid than WOW's (you don't have to kiss 238 rabbits during a battleground for example…). This gives a little more challenge.

I didn't test online gaming for the moment but it seems to be the best part of the game (according to friends)

However the fact that you have to be connected to battle net to play offline is pissing me off… too days after buying it i've been unable to play it because battle net servers were down…

Be aware that there is no LAN feature available. If you want to play with friends you have to do it through Battle net and an internet connexion.

The game is a bit expensive (in France it's 50-60

heard there was a guest/anonymous mode that allows u to play offline but u dont earn achievements and what not, is that only for single maps I get the impression u won't have access to the campaign and player profiles "the one computer many user situation" MW2 was particularly disgraceful with that shit they pulled even suggesting that if more than one person wanted to play u should buy and install more than one copy :x found a third party workarround for MW2, but still :x , I definitely have to share mine if I buy it so I need to know

nehon said:

The game is a bit expensive (in France it's 50-60

Yeah you're right, i don't want to start a flame war here.

I said that in echo to what mcBeth said in his first post. That if he expect to have "the 3 that was once"…in the end it will be 3 x 60

Yeah, I totally agree though if the price does end up being 3x60. Because there's no way to justify the additional stories as costing just as much, since as far as I know, there won't be any sweeping changes to multiplayer. Really keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

Who knows, maybe we'll get super lucky and they'll setup the addons as downloadable from BNet for $5-10 each or something. Here's hoping. heh  :smiley:

Is the cost of the game $75 because of the stores? Or is it some weird distributor enforced price?

tehflah said:

Is the cost of the game $75 because of the stores? Or is it some weird distributor enforced price?

Don't really know, You can find it at 50

Cost me

Hey! actually importing it from England could be a good alternative  :stuck_out_tongue:

In my point of view, having finished the campaing and started to play online:

  • Online play is awsome (and extremly hard, be prepared to LOSE)

  • Campaing has 29 missions. I thing that Starcraft 1 had arround 30, so there are the same amount (but yes, IF the try to sell the 2 expansions at the same price it will be... bad. I thing they will sell a expansion price if you have the first, standalone price if you not. At least, that's what I whould do with the marvel of on-line distribution.).

Ok, in other words. It is worth it, if you like this kind of games and have the money to waste on it ;)

I played SC: Brood War competitively since about 2008 and I was ready and waiting for SC2. I think it's a great game. Right now I'm going through the campaign to get all the achievements (yes, I am like that). Currently I'm in Gold League in multiplayer even though I'm a Diamond level player (got two bad placement matches off-racing and went 3-2). The editor so far looks really good too. Haven't fully looked at it but I think anyone who works with jME and likes SC should check it out since it uses a language called "Galaxy" which is based on C.

renegadeandy said:

Cost me

any sharing a comp with family or something and care to chime in on multiple profiles I really need to know this its a deal breaker :?

mcbeth said:

any sharing a comp with family or something and care to chime in on multiple profiles I really need to know this its a deal breaker :?

Like can you have multiple profiles per account? No, there is a one character per account rule, mostly to prevent smurfing (where a really good player hides their well known name to easily beat newbies). However each copy of the game comes with two Guest Passes that allow free play for either 7 hours or 14 days (whichever comes first).